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CFW Walther


Here is a list of Pastor Wagner's sermons. Most of them have been preached at Christ Our Savior; however, some of the earlier ones were preached at other locations.

You might notice that some of of the sermons do not have an audio player. These sermons were not recorded. However, all of the sermons do have a link to the manuscript.

Cantate, the Fifth Sunday of Easter (Matins)

preached on 02 May 2021

Jubilate, the Fourth Sunday of Easter (Matins)

preached on 25 Apr 2021

Misericordias Domini, the Third Sunday of Easter (Matins)

preached on 18 Apr 2021

Quasimodo Geniti, the Second Sunday of Easter (Matins)

preached on 11 Apr 2021

The Resurrection of Our Lord (Matins)

preached on 04 Apr 2021
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